Our biggest asset is our experienced staff

Meet the Team

Bridger Call

Executive Director

Becky Stone

Team Administrator

Jennifer Hoefler

Team Accountant

Alpine Staff

Bo Maciejko

Alpine Director

Head Jfast Coach

Brennan Rubie

Head FIS Coach

Ben Reeder

Head U14 Coach

Fritz Wood

Head U16 Coach

Jason Stone

Head Devo Team Coach

Freeride Staff

Will Dujardin

Freeride Director

Davin Grapentine

Freeride Development Director

Snowboard Staff

Lane Clegg

Snowboard Director

Adi Smith

Snowboard Coach

Sports Psychology Consultant

Seth Morris

Snowboard Coach

Anna Miller

Snowboard Coach

Miles Auclair

Snowboard Coach

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Upcoming Events
  • Jan 27-28: Devo Cookie Cup
  • Feb 13-14: Bryce Astle WR FIS SL
  • Feb 24-25: Devo Hot Cocoa Cup
  • March 30-31: Devo Good Vibes Only Freeride Comp
  • April 6-9: SnowCup
  • April 13: Family BBQ & Duals
  • May: Awards and Camps, Tryouts for Freeride
  • June: Camps at Snowbird (weather dependent)

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