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Our Mission

"We strive to foster a passion and lifelong love of winter sports and an active outdoor lifestyle while developing the life skills associated with success in all endeavors; sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, determination and commitment."


Jared Goldberg

Current member of the US Ski Team

2020-21 Land Rover U.S. Alpine Ski Team
Photo: Max Hall/U.S. Ski Team

Bella Wright

Current member of the US Ski Team


Brennan Rubie

Former member of the US Ski Team

Current SBSEF FIS Team Head Coach

steve bounous

Steve Bounous

Former Executive Director

Former member of the US Ski Team

junior bounous

Junior Bounous

Since 1971... legend


Bryce Astle

US Ski Team

Coaches (who either raced or coached for a national team) :

Beat Von Allmen (Switzerland) Beat and Jean were the original Snowbird Team co-head coaches, and both Olympians)

Jean Saubert (USST) (She won silver and bronze in the 1964 Olympic games in GS, SL)

Ken Corrock (USST)

Steve Bounous (USST)

Scott Hoffman (USST)

Katja Lesjak Waters (Yugoslavia)

Barbie Patterson Kallerud (USST)

John Higgens (USST)

Thor Kallerud (Norway)

Brent Nixon (Canada)

Gordon Perry (Canada)

Andy Hare (USST)

TJ Lanning (USST athlete and Coach)

Steve Porino (USST)

Bill Hudson (USST)

Kyle Weiche (USST)

Mark Elvidge (Canada)

Mike Elvidge (Canada)

Heidi Dahlgren (USST)

Heidi Standteiner (USST)

Jouni Kijanen (Finland)

Roberto Taddeo (Argentina)

Steve Putnam (USST)

Anna Marno (USST)

Katie Ryan (USST)

Chris Mikell (USST)

Kyle Darling (USST Coach)

Brad Saxe (USST Coach)

Karin Harjo (USST Coach)

Kyle Hopkins (USST Coach)

Lyndsay Strange (Mexico coach)

Andy Phillips (USST)

Will Gregorak (USST)

Megan McJames (USST)

Mark Engel (USST)

Jeremy Elliott (USST)

Chip Knight (USST)

Brennan Rubie (USST)

Athletes (Alpine, SBX & Paralympic, including alumni who made the team):

Steve Bounous

Sondra Van Ert

Faye Gulini

Felicia Byers

Rose Caston

Angel Collinson (represented USST at World Juniors, not sure if she was officially named? 2x World Freeski Champ)

Brennan Rubie 

Jared Goldberg

Bryce Astle

Bella Wright

Zach Collins (represented USST at World Juniors)

Jeremy Mathers

Chirine Njiem (Lebanon)

Conor Lyne (Ireland)

Maggie Behle

Brenna Huckabee

Brittani Couri

Tyler Burdick

Asa Miller (Philippines)

Marcus Chen (Chinese Taipei)

Michael Chen (Chinese Taipei)

Mary Bocock

Elizabeth Bocock 

Other notable team alumni:

Tristan Gale (won the 2002 Olympic Gold medal in women's Skeleton)

Johnny Collinson (Freeskier, youngest person at the time to climb 7 summits)

Andrew Pollard (World Junior Freeride champ)

Jackie Pollard (World Junior Freeride Champ)

Olivia Askew (World Junior Freeride Champ)

Marcus Caston (Return of the Turn, Warren Miller films)

Bjorn Leines (SBX)

Erik Leines (SBX)

SBSEF circle seal
Upcoming Events
  • June 21-30: Alpine Mt. Hood Camp
  • Sept 5: Welcome Back BBQ @ Sugarhouse Park
  • Sept 21: Annual Ski & Snowboard Swap
  • Oct 24-27: Annual Needles Dryland Camp
  • Nov 2: Annual Gala

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