2024 Freeride

Snowbird Freeride

Our freeride team focuses on skill development and pushing limits to reach personal goals.

See more about our three teams below:


Freeride U19

The Snowbird Freeride U19 Team is our most elite program geared towards the top-level skiers who have a desire to be the top athletes in the Junior IFSA Big Mountain Competition environment. The athletes on this team will travel to and compete at 4-6 IFSA qualifying events to earn points towards making it to the North American Championships, as well as World Junior Events.

The coaching focus will include:

  • Skiing steep, technical terrain fluidly and confidently
  • Decision-making during highly competitive & very technical situations.
  • Proper line choice and competitive strategy
  • Air awareness
  • Focus on personal style and consistency
  • Create a long-term competitive game plan and marketable personal image

Athlete Age: 15-18

Freeride U15

The AltaBird U15 Team Program is geared towards fundamental skill development for athletes skiing at a high level on all-terrain at Alta and Snowbird, as well as in Regional IFSA Sanctioned Competitions. This program serves as a pipeline to the Alta/Bird U19 program and is perfect for athletes who have a desire to improve their big mountain skiing, get more experience skiing challenging terrain, want more air awareness, and who wish to improve their ability in competitions. The U15 Team has flexibility for athletes to compete a lot, or compete for a little, depending on the athlete’s goals; but as a whole, the team is competition-centered.  This is a program that will challenge and inspire athletes to improve their skiing, and love spending time in the mountains.

The coaching focus will include:

  • goal-oriented training
  • responsible decision making with regard to ability
  • comfort in all-mountain terrain
  • composure in a variety of conditions
  • finding/ creating an individual style
  • competition strategy

Athlete age: 12-14


Freeride U12

The AltaBird U12 Freeride Team Program provides an opportunity for young athletes who have gained the necessary fundamental skills while on our Snowbird Alpine Devo Team, to receive access to train at Alta and Snowbird and ski with a group of other athletes that have strong skills and goals. Athletes on this team have goals to compete in Freeride Big Mountain competitions, to excel in their current abilities as big mountain skiers, and to want to explore both Alta and Snowbird through hiking and skiing more challenging lines. This team will have more focus on off-pieced skills, competition, and air awareness. AltaBird Freeride Intro athletes will develop a love for skiing while learning to ski all-mountain terrain and snow conditions.

Coaching focus will include:

  • Proper body movement, balance & edge control
  • Fundamental progression of skills
  • How to ski safely in all types of terrain from moguls, trees, groomers, and steeps
  • How to ski all types of terrain confidently
  • Having so much FUN!

Athlete Age: 10-11


Our freeride teams compete in regional and national IFSA competitions. Training and traveling together creates bonds that last a lifetime. Many of our athletes return to coach, passing along their passion for skiing.

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Upcoming Events
  • June 21-30: Alpine Mt. Hood Camp
  • Sept 5: Welcome Back BBQ @ Sugarhouse Park
  • Sept 21: Annual Ski & Snowboard Swap
  • Oct 24-27: Annual Needles Dryland Camp
  • Nov 2: Annual Gala

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