Mission Statement

"We strive to foster a passion and lifelong love of winter sports and an active outdoor lifestyle while developing the life skills associated with success in all endeavors; sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, determination and commitment."

Enriching the lives of our athletes, one run at a time.

Our goal is that every athlete has a positive, enjoyable, learning experience through participation with our team, regardless of ability level.

The past, present and future of winter sports.

The Snowbird Ski Team started in 1971 and became a 501c3 non-profit foundation in 1978.  What was once just the "Snowbird Ski Team" has now expanded into a competition and training program for three winter sport programs; Alpine Ski Racing, Freeride and Snowboard. These three programs provide a real-life skills and experience for Utah’s youth, ages 6 to 21 with over 250 children participating annually.

The Snowbird Sports Education Foundation has represented success and accomplishment for over 50 years.  Thousands of youth athletes have participated in our programs. Our athletes have trained and competed across the United States, Canada, South America, New Zealand and Europe and have represented the United States of America at the Olympic and World Championship level.

What separates the SBSEF from other programs in our world class training terrain and our commitment to making our athletes successful both on and off the mountain.

Help support our mission.

The Snowbird Sports Education Foundation was established to benefit the development of competitive skiing and snowboarding. It is a non-profit organization that supports alpine and snowboard development programs in the Intermountain Region, one of the catalysts that produces our US Ski and Snowboard Team Olympians as well as teaching a rounded understanding of competitive sports to our youths.

The SBSEF is made up of three winter sport programs. Alpine ski Racing, Freeride  and Snowboard.  The SBSEF operating budget is comprised of team fees but relies heavily on outside contributions for the support it provides our athletes and programs. If you are interested in supporting our competitors, we guarantee that any contribution will do just that.

A donation to The Friends of SBSEF for instance, can make the difference for those who have the gift to compete, but not necessarily the ability to pay. From the Development team to the Junior Olympic team and Nor Am racers, our skiers and snowboarders need financial support.

Thanks to the support of The Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort we have a home to train and race at a reduced costs to the team members. We would appreciate the opportunity to show you how you can be involved as a racer, volunteer or to become a loyal sponsor through our different programs and events. Your support is worthwhile to our youths as well as tax deductible.

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Upcoming Events
  • May weekends: Tryouts for Freeride & Alpine Camps
  • June: Camps at Snowbird (weather dependent)
  • June 21-30: Alpine Mt. Hood Camp
  • Sept 5: Welcome Back BBQ @ Sugarhouse Park
  • Sept 21: Annual Ski & Snowboard Swap
  • Oct 24-27: Annual Needles Dryland Camp
  • Nov 2: Annual Gala

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