Bridger Call, Executive Director

Bridger grew up skiing in the Wasatch and raced as a member of SBSEF, including being named the SBSEF Skier of the Year in 1997.  Bridger returned to SBSEF as a coach from 2004-2007, primarily as the Head J3 Coach. 

From 2007 - 2017 Bridger was the Alpine Program Director and Head Coach for the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club.  During those years he served on the IMD and Western Region ACC, the Intermountain Division Board of Directors, as well as numerous committees throughout.  In addition to being a part of the governance of skiing in the Western United States, Bridger is a level 300 coach and level 4 Chief of Race, Chief of Course, and Referee, and has hosted hundreds of days of racing from entry-level up to Nor-Am Cups.

Bridger holds a Master's degree in Planning from the Architecture Department of the University Of Utah.  Bridger and his wife Elisha have two children.


Executive Director: Bridger Call 307.413.7034 or

Team & Event Administrator: Becky Stone 801.205.3761 or

Accounts and Payments: Jennifer Hoefler 802.233.9601 or

Alpine Development Director: Bo Maciejko 406.570.2479 or


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Head Alpine FIS Coach: Brennan Rubie 801.750.1296 or

Head Alpine U16 Coach: Fritz Wood 406.581.7068 or

Head Alpine U14 Coach: Ben Reeder 801.860.1070 or

Head Alpine U12-U10 Coach: Bo Maciejko 406.570.2479 or

Head Alpine Development (Devo) Coach: Jason Stone 801.707.9160 or

Head Alpine PG/Masters Coach: Kevin Chaffee 801.633.8001 or



Freeride Program Director: Will Dujardin 201.572.0605 or

Freeride Development Director: Davin Grapentine

Freeride Assistant Program Director: Rob Greener 801.699.5318 or




Snowboard Program Director: Lane Clegg 801.573.7348 or