We have a lot going on, be sure you are getting all the communications from your head coach on Team Snap. Sorry for the information overload, but we have a TON of updates to share – read all the way to the end, there is important information in the whole email.

Join us at the SWAP!

Gear Check-In

  • at the LiftHouse next TuesdayWednesday and Thursday 3-6pm
  • at Churchill Jr High on Friday 2-5pm

The SWAP is open Saturday 9-4.

**Special TEAM ONLY hours, see TeamSnap for details**
SBSEF Gear (hats, hoodies, tshirts) available during team hours
Parents! We need volunteers! CLICK HERE to sign up!
Athletes 14 and older, we need your help, too! CLICK HERE to sign up!

Snowboard Team Update:

The snowboard team activity is starting to ramp up as we get closer to the season. Athlete meetings and goals followed by equipment needs, the early stages of travel planning and budgeting.
We are also very excited to welcome some new athletes to the team – many of whom will uproot their lives and move to Utah for the season. It’s a huge commitment and we are stoked to have them.
We are also actively recruiting for our Young Rider group and our Big Mountain Freeride programs. If you know anyone who might be a good fit please put us in contact.

~ Lane Clegg
SBSEF Snowboard Director

Alpine Team Update:

Between the UOP weight room, Olympus Hills Park, and multiple trails around the Wasatch range, dryland season is in full swing for most age groups. The objectives for this Fall strength and conditioning period are:

  • Develop flexibility, and stamina that will minimize the risk of injury.
  • Develop functional mobility and strength that lead to success on the hill.
  • Develop a positive team culture before the competition season.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to come to Dryland, all athletes are welcome anytime. Check with your head coach, and team snap to see specific details for each age group.

SBSEF Dryland Camp (Oct 20-22). This is an annual event and always a great opportunity to go on some amazing hikes through some of Utah’s most surreal canyons. Space is limited so make sure to register early.

SBSEF Tuning Clinics

Basics of ski tuning – Todd Herilla at 7evenSkis will be hosting tuning clinics through the month of October and November until Thanksgiving. They will be every Wednesday from 7:00 – 9:00. As this is a hands-on session, each clinic is limited to 4 athletes. Sign up here.

Fall Skills Quest Fitness Test (Churchill Junior High – Nov 9) – General physical fitness is a necessary component for elite ski and snowboard athletes. This falls SkillsQuest-Fitness assessment can help to identify potential performance deficits, as well as track long-term performance trends. Stay tuned for specific times and more information.

~ Bo Maciejko
SBSEF Alpine Director

Freeride Team Update:

Dryland training is in full swing as we wait for the snow to fall.  We are seeing great numbers at our U12/12-14 and 15-18 sessions, so please come get involved if we haven’t seen you!  We know athletes are busy with extracurriculars and other sports, but we do these ski-specific workouts to make sure our ski-specific muscles are firing and ready for on-snow training in less than a few short months; if you put in the work you will see results down the road!

Have you downloaded TeamSnap yet to make sure all the necessary contacts are in your athlete’s profile (including your athlete in some cases)?  TeamSnap on your phone is the best way to communicate with staff and RSVP to training, etc., so please help us help you by getting in there and checking it out and making sure everything looks good!  You can also review your weekly training days there, too. Thank you in advance!

For those who are planners, our Holiday Camp will be scheduled for Dec 26-30.  All athletes are eligible for the Holiday Camp.  There will be no training Dec 21-25 and Dec 31-Jan 2.

~ Will Dujardin
SBSEF Freeride Director

Canyonlands Dryland Camp!

October 20-22, 2023

Register now to reserve your spot, the camp is already half-full! We have 25 spots remaining!
CLICK HERE for trip sheet.
CLICK HERE to register. Deadline is Oct 10th.

Alpine Aspen Camp

Registration is open for Aspen Camp!

  • November 12-20 (on snow 13-20)
  • GS Focus: CLICK HERE for trip sheet
  • U14-U16’s can travel with the team
  • Pay a deposit now, balance due 1 week before camp
  • To reserve your spot, CLICK HERE
  • Deadline is Oct 7 to register!

Join Skimo!

It’s the newest SBSEF team! For information, contact Davin Grapentine!

Parent Meetings coming up!

  • Oct 3 – 5:30 Devos
  • Oct 3 – 7:00 Alpine U14
  • Oct 5 – 6:00 Alpine U16
  • Oct 5 – 7:30 Alpine FIS
  • Oct 10 – 6:00 Freeride U12
  • Oct 10 – 7:30 Freeride 12-14
  • Oct 17 – 6:00 Alpine Jfast
  • Oct 17 – 7:30 Freeride 15-18
  • Oct 24 – 6:00 Snowboard

Check TeamSnap for links! Also in TeamSnap: Coach contacts, schedules, events, messages — be sure you are logged in and getting all of this information! Ask your head coach if you have questions.

We have room on Saturday Devos!

If you have a friend or family member who would like to join the funniest, fastest group on the mountain, have them CLICK HERE! We have a few spots open on our Saturday Devo Team! Help us spread the word!

Shuttles from school to Snowbird, Alta & UOP

We are collecting RSVP’s for the Canyon Transportation Shuttle this season. We must have 10 athletes per shuttle to make it work, and we need your RSVP by November 15. Reserve your seat now!

Ski Tuning @ 7evenSkis

Join Todd Herilla for a semi-private ski tuning session/lesson!

Sign up online!  <- this is a link 😉
All sessions are at 7evenSkis
25 West Louise Ave
SLC, UT 84115

Join Megan McJames for the premiere of the new movie Trailblazer.

Saturday, October 21

CLICK HERE for tickets and more information.


It is time to renew IFSA and US Ski & Snowboard Memberships!

Late fees start October 15!