We have a lot of information for everyone! Here we go, snow is next!

We had a great turnout at the BBQ last week, it was really fun to see everyone and a huge THANK YOU to the BOD who cooked and served over 300 hamburgers and 100 hot dogs!

SWAP Volunteers Still Needed!

It is almost here! Check out our webpage for details about when you can drop off your gear to sell and when you can shop! https://sbsef.com/swap

TEAM ONLY SHOPPING will be pre-swap… FRIDAY from 4:00 to 6:00 PM. Don’t miss this time slot if you are looking for something specific! We are trying to give our team members the first pick of the goods.

We are still in need of volunteers for the swap! Sign up online: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4bacae2fa2f8c43-annual

U16, FIS and 15-18 Freeride Athletes: Please sign up to volunteer! Your link for sign up shifts is: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4bacae2fa2f8c43-athlete


Canyon Transportation sign-ups

We are contracting again with Canyon Transportation for shuttles up to training from Churchill and Skyline. The cost is $235 per day for the season. CLICK HERE to see the proposed schedule. We need to have 10 athletes registered per day, the maximum is 14, to make these trips work. Note: We are adding UOP: we will need to have 10 to make this work, too!

If a day is canceled for the season due to lack of interest, we will refund you.


  • Wednesdays & Thursdays: PICK UP at Skyline 12:45, Churchill 1:00
  • Thursday UOP: PICK UP at Churchill 3:00
  • Fridays: PICK UP at Churchill at 12:45, Skyline at 1:00
  • NEW THIS YEAR, WE WILL RUN THE SHUTTLE ON NON-SCHOOL Fridays, but only from Churchill Jr High (one pick up stop).

CLICK HERE to see the schedule.

CLICK HERE to register for the shuttle. (note: we are using TeamSnap to register and pay for the Canyon Transportation Shuttle)

Freeride Athletes:

IFSA Membership portal is OPEN! Renew/sign up today! Be sure to select the correct team (SBSEF Altabird Freeride), age class, and gender! Questions? Ask Will or Davin! CLICK HERE to go to the IFSA Membership Page.

Alpine Athletes:

Attention FIS, U16, U14, Jfast and YSL Team athletes – renew your US Ski and Snowboard membership before October to avoid late fees! CLICK HERE to do it today!
Note: Devos do not need a USSS membership, but those on the YSL team do!

Camp sign-ups:

We have several Alpine camps starting in November. Sign ups are through TeamSnap, so you need the following links to sign up.

  • Alpine U16, U14, Jfast Aspen Highlands Camp Nov 12-20 CLICK HERE
  • Alpine FIS Copper GS Camp Nov 9-13 CLICK HERE

Alpine FIS Aspen Camp Thanksgiving Week – registration coming soon!

Ski Tuning:

Once again, Todd Herilla @ 7even Skis has offered to teach or refresh your ski tuning techniques. This is open to Parents of Devo, Jfast, and FR U12 parents, as well as U14, U16, FR 12-14, FR 15-18, and FIS athletes who would like a little extra help. Please sign up online, and be sure to show up or cancel if you are not able to attend.
Here is the link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d4bacae2fa2f8c43-skituning


SBSEF is seeking YOUR INTEREST in a Skimo program! Here are the details:

Skimo is backcountry ski racing. Competitors race on a set course that includes both skinning uphill and skiing downhill. Skimo is a good winter cross training option for mountain bikers and cross country runners. Skimo is also great for freeride and alpine skiers that are interested in learning and developing backcountry skiing skills.

The primary focus of the program will be to develop efficient backcountry skiing techniques. Training sessions will include practice and coaching in uphill skinning, bootpacking and transitions between uphill and downhill. Training sessions will also include activities to build strength and endurance for backcountry skiing and racing. Previous backcountry skiing experience is not required.

Program Details:

  • Minimum age: 12
  • Training dates: 1st week of December-3rd week of March (15 sessions)
  • Training times: 6-8pm once/week
  • Training location: Utah Olympic Park
  • Program cost: $600 includes coaching and hill access at the UOP **estimate**

Gear Requirements:

  • Backcountry skis with tech bindings
  • Backcountry boots with tech fittings and walk mode
  • Climbing skins
  • Adjustable backcountry poles or nordic poles 15-20cm longer than alpine length
  • Helmet
  • Headlamp

Optional extra activities/local competitions

  • Wasatch Citizens Series races at Brighton/Park City (small season membership fee)
  • Town Series races at UOP (small registration fee)
  • Wasatch Powderkeg and Crowbar races (extra registration fee)
  • Possible avalanche course (extra fee TBD)

If you are interested in this SBSEF Skimo program at the UOP, CLICK HERE and fill out a brief form. Thanks! Deadline to respond: October 15, 2022. Questions? Contact Davin dgrapentine@sbsef.com

Dryland updates:

  • Freeride 12-14 and 15-18 teams are meeting for dryland at Tanner Park from 4:00 – 6:00 PM every Tuesday and Thursday. Be sure to update your availability on Team Snap ahead of time. If you need help learning how to do this, please ask! Bring water and running shoes.
  • FIS Dryland: We are now transitioning to lifting at Universal Swell – check the schedule on TeamSnap.
  • Jfast/U14/U16 Dryland: Check your schedule on TeamSnap and update your availability. We have Introduction to Weight Training going on at D1 Sandy every Wednesday. Be sure to check out this sweet deal and join in if you can! Information was sent out a few weeks ago, contact Bo (bo@sbsef.com) if you missed it. The groups are training at Churchill Jr High, and Jfast will have some trail and bike days. Be sure you are checking the schedule weekly and updating your availability so the coaches can plan.

US Ski & Snowboard Skills Quest Fitness Test:

We will have two opportunities this fall for Alpine Athletes to participate in the USSA Skills Quest Fitness test. Scores from this test are an excellent way for athletes to track their ski-specific fitness progress, and will soon be a criterion for all Western Region camps and projects. All U14, U16, and U19 alpine athletes are encouraged to participate.

  • Oct 23, 2023 – Will be at the US Ski and Snowboard Center of Excellence in Park City and is geared toward U19 and U16 athletes that need validated test scores with USSA. (Times and Sign-ups to be announced later)
  • Nov 4 or 5, 2023 – Will be at Churchill Junior High and is Open to all U14, U16, and U19 SBSEF athletes. (Times and exact dates will be set soon).

If you have any questions about this fitness test, contach bo@sbsef.com for more information.

Team Jackets – We have a limited number of extra jackets that we included with our pre-orders. If you would like to reserve one of these, shop online! You can also look on our SBSEF Facebook Team Swap page for team jackets.

Upcoming Events

  • Swap: September 23-24, 2022
  • Team Meetings: October 3-5, 2022
    • Freeride Oct 3
    • FIS, U14, U16 Oct 4
    • Jfast & Devo Oct 5
    • Links in TeamSnap
  • 2022 Gala: October 29, 2022
  • Fall Camps:
    • Alpine Fall Aspen Camp for U16 and under: Nov 12-20
    • FIS Copper GS Camp: Nov 9-13
    • FIS Aspen Camp: Thanksgiving week
  • Holiday Camp: December 22-31, 2022
    • See TeamSnap for you team plan over the holiday break