Adi Smith

Snowboard Coach
Sports Psychology Consultant

Adi has come up as an athlete, snowboard instructor, and competitive coach in able-bodied and adaptive snowboarding. She began her career as a snowboard instructor in 2002, instructing at Park City Resort, the Burton Academy at Northstar, and Snow Park in New Zealand, earning her American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) Western Trainers Accreditation in 2012. She began her coaching career in 2011, first coaching the Northstar competitive snowboard team, and after moving back to Utah in 2013, began coaching with Team Utah Snowboarding. Adi is currently a Level 200 coach working towards earning her Level 300.

Growing up participating in several different types of sports throughout her youth (swimming, soccer, gymnastics, equestrian, dance), Adi became aware performance was not only about the physical skills, but that there was a very important mental side as well. As a snowboarder herself, she experienced challenges with her mental state, which interfered at times with her physical performance. As a competitive snowboard coach, she also witnessed her athletes struggle with the same type of mental hangups. This intrigued her to understand the mental aspect of sports at a deeper level.

In 2018, she began a Masters program in Sport Psychology, combining her background in psychology and love for coaching. Sport Psychology was the perfect combination that gave her the missing piece to understanding the mental piece of performance more fully. Now moving into her third internship, she has gained a richer understanding and knowledge into effective approaches to helping athletes overcome mental obstacles and enhance their performance, positioning them to becoming closer to achieving their optimal best.