SBSEF Financial Assistance Program 2022-2023

It is part of the SBSEF mission to foster and enable the participation of athletes from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.  SBSEF understands the financial burdens associated with its programs and strives to provide need-based financial assistance as available.  Families who feel they need financial assistance are encouraged to apply for SBSEF financial assistance as well for other support or scholarships potentially available from outside sources.

Complete applications for financial aid, including requisite supporting materials, shall be submitted to the SBSEF Executive Director no later than August 15.  Submission accepted via online form.  Timely applications are required.  Late applications will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.  Because awards are evaluated annually, a renewal application must be filed each year. 

To receive financial assistance, Applicants must be registered with SBSEF for the current season and have paid the deposit.  His/her SBSEF account must also be in good standing.

Applications, supporting financial information, and financial aid awards provided are kept in strict confidence.  Only the Executive Director and the members of the Grant Committee of the SBSEF Board of Directors will be aware that you have applied for and received aid.  Financial aid awards will be determined by the SBSEF Grant Committee and the Executive Director.  Financial aid applicants will be informed of the provided financial aid no later than August 25.

SBSEF financial aid decisions are guided primarily by financial need, character, goals, and SBSEF available resources (which may vary from year to year).  SBSEF does not consider race, color, national and ethnic origin, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.  Applying for or receiving financial aid will not affect one’s chances for admission to SBSEF programs.

Financial aid recipients are held to the same standards and ethics as all other SBSEF members. SBSEF expects the same level of commitment and participation from all of its members, regardless of their financial situation. Setting a great example for others in regard to sportsmanship, eagerness to help, attendance, and general commitment to the SBSEF community may be taken into consideration in determining awards.

Financial aid recipients may be asked by the Executive Director to provide reasonable assistance to SBSEF in a variety of forms, including participation in SBSEF work projects, SBSEF coaching or mentorship assistance, and providing SBSEF social media content, or participation in SBSEF fundraising events and efforts. 

Financial aid may be provided in a variety of forms, including partial waiver of team fees or expenses, equipment, and/or ski pass.

All applications are kept strictly confidential

CLICK HERE to access the 2022-23 Grant Application.