U12-10 Team

Team Description

2020-2021 Jfast U12-10 Team:

The U12-10 team is designed to develop confident and accomplished skiers that have the technical and tactical ability to ski anywhere at Snowbird. The JFast team provides age and developmentally appropriate opportunities for young athletes to expand on the technical racing skills that they earned while on the Devo team.

Athlete Age: 9-11 (2009, 2010, 2011 *2012 with coach recommendation)

Athlete Experience: Athletes who wish to be apart of the U12-10 comp team are expected to:

  • Be a competent skier on all terrain and in variable conditions. 
  • Be able to manage their own equipment both on and off the hill. This includes:
    • Be responsible for, and keep track of equipment during practice. 
    • Walk/hike with equipment without adult support. 
    • Dress appropriately for variable weather. 
  • Be a supportive and strong teammate. 

Competition schedule options: IMD South Series

The U12-10 Program Options:

  • Dryland 2x weekly Sept - Nov
  • Holiday Camp
  • On-snow training 1-5 days, Opening - March
  • Training at Snowbird & Utah Olympic Park (UOP=Thursdays and some Fridays)
Team News

Upcoming Team Events!

Calendar at a Glance 2020:​​

  • Alpine Mt Hood Ski Camp: August 2 - 10, 2020
  • Needles Dryland Camp: October 22-25, 2020
  • Alpine Aspen Camp: November 13-22, 2020
  • Alpine Comp & Freeride Dryland: September - November

SBSEF Alpine Mt Hood Camp

2020 Mt Hood Camp Details:

Although the status of the Covid19 pandemic remains very fluid and hard to predict, we are moving forward with our camp plans, and anticipate a fun and productive, albeit different camp format.  This email is to provide an update to our plans but comes with the understanding that it is possible that between now and the camp dates that the situation could evolve further.  Additional updates will be sent.  

Will (Gregorak) has been up at Timberline the last couple weeks and has been very helpful in informing us of the daily operations and status of camps.  We feel that moving ahead with camp plans is appropriate.

Everything that we are doing/offering during this time is optional, and I want to note that by choosing to attend this camp you are acknowledging and accepting a degree of risk associated with the pandemic.  SBSEF asks that everyone adhere to the social distancing and established protocol to the best of their ability.  Failure to do so will result in a loss of training privileges.  Even with these measures in place, we cannot guarantee against exposure to the Coronavirus.

We have nearly 30 athletes and 5 coaches set to go.  Like virtually all the camps taking place at Hood, we will be following the 'day camp' model.  This means that travel, lodging & food, including daily back and forth to training, will be up to the individuals/families and not done as a team.  

We do plan to have outdoor dryland activities.  Video review will also take place, but not in a group setting, but rather individually and/or online.

Click this link for the Trip Info Sheet, billing/payment available on the website accessed through your account under CAMPS.  Please note the following links;

  • In order to participate in training including summer dryland and this camp you must be registered for the 2020-21 season with SBSEF, and have a current USS&S membership, those expire June 30th; https://usskiandsnowboard.org/membership
  • Here is a link to the Timberline waiver that all participants (and guardians) must fill out prior to camp: https://bit.ly/38wcbf9  
  • Timberline has an informational page regarding Covid, as well as an established protocol that must be followed: https://www.timberlinelodge.com/coronavirus-updates
    • Guidelines for All Visitors:

      • Do not visit if you do not intend to follow these guidelines
      • Only visit with members of your household
      • Complete a Covid questionnaire provided online for skiers or at front desk for hotel guests
      • Wear a cloth face masks at all times indoors and when unable to maintain physical distancing outdoors
      • Comply with monitoring and enforcement of Covid prevention protocols throughout the resort, including current physical distancing requirement of 6’
      • Continue to practice exceptional hygiene
      • Wash hands frequently with soap and water
      • Use hand sanitizer when you cannot wash your hands
      • Report any confirmed COVID-19 exposure
      • Immediately notify Timberline Management if you begin to experience flu-like symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 after leaving our facility
      • Voice concerns, ask questions and seek clarification when necessary
      • Any Guest who does not strictly adhere to the guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including suspension of their day ticket, Season Pass, or issuance of a Notice of Exclusion / Trespass.

SBSEF Guidelines -  We will also follow our own protocol in terms of dryland, etc.  We ask that people take daily temperature checks, and report any symptoms immediately both at Camp and in the weeks leading up to it.

Daily Schedule/Agenda - We are working on the daily details, and will have that out soon.  The actual daily schedule and on-hill training will not be much different from years past.  Similarly a complete list of Covid related protocol will be included, these will be based on the most current info as the camp nears.

Lift tickets for parents/family - The athletes lift tickets will be billed through the team and those passes will be handled by SBSEF staff.  For anyone (non camp athletes) interested in skiing, you can do so by purchasing and individual lift ticket at the mountain.  Earlier they were requiring reservations (within 24 hours daily) to do so, but it appears now that reservations are not required.  Here is a link to the info on passes: https://www.timberlinelodge.com/mountain/lift-tickets

Please let me or staff know if you have any questions, and stay tuned for more updates as we go.

In the meantime enjoy the summer!


Bridger Call

June 23, 2020 -- SBSEF 2020-2021 Freeride & Alpine Registration is OPEN

Good Afternoon SBSEF families!

Our 2020-21 Season Programs are online and ready for your registration. Please see the attached letter, and read through this email, for important updates and key information to make registration easy.

We continue to have a cap on our team numbers, so register early. We will not be advertising that our registration is open on social media until July -- so you get first chance to sign up.

Our program website pages have been updated with this season's information. Of course, some things are still undecided due to the events of the world, such as athlete shuttles and devo lunches, but as we have answers, we will update everyone.

Be sure to take the time to update your family and athlete profile in your SBSEF account. A large red box will hinder your ability to see some functions on the registration website until you update this information, it will go away when you update. Part of the update includes important medical information the staff should know about your athlete. Please include allergies, important medications, and diagnoses that you feel we should know about. If there is a special medical concern, please contact the head coach directly via email.

Renew your USS&S membership. See the attached letter for details.

New this year: Freeride National Team - you need a code to register for this level of Program, and Siri has that code. Contact Siri BEFORE you start registering, or you will get all the way through and not be able to complete your registration without the code, we don't want you frustrated. (siri@sbsef.com)

Devo Transition team - the same thing, we have a code set up so just those that are recommended for this program register. If you need a code, email Jason (jason@sbsef.com).

Tuition prices have not increased for this season. Work deposits have been re-evaluated and adjusted to match the training days of the athlete, so a few have gone down by $100. More WRA/WD opportunities are being developed, and if you have a suggestion, let us know! A $500 deposit is required with your program registration, or you have the option to pay in full. Credit Card fees will be applied to payments at check out. To avoid this 3% processing fee, please check out and pay with eCheck. It is simple and saves you and the team money. If you would like to use your credit card to pay for tuition in full, we will credit back the processing fee to your athlete account, to be used for camps/events/races/travel (credits only, no refunds). A $500 deposit is required with your program registration, or you have the option to pay in full. 

Have questions? Feel free to contact me! I can walk you through the registration process and help you decide between programs or get you in touch with the head coaches with your questions. All team pages have links to email the head coaches, feel free to reach out to them with program-specific questions.  Forgot your password to your SBSEF account? You can reset it yourself from the login screen, look to the left, and click the "password reset" button.




Becky Stone

Snowbird Sports Education Foundation

Administration & Events Manager

801.205.3761        www.sbsef.com

2019-20 SBSEF Online Banquet/Awards Presentation


Here are links to the awards presentation broken into sections (large files).  You can navigate through the slides on the left as you please.  At the end of video clips right-click to advance.

Part 1 - Intro + DEVO + JFast + U14


Part 2 - Snowboard + Freeride


Part 3 - U16 + U19 


Part 4 - Academic + Alpine Awards +  Closing





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