Will Dujardin

AltaBird Freeride Director

Will Dujardin is getting into his 2nd year as the AltaBird Freeride Program Director after 11 years coaching junior freeride in Crested Butte, CO.  Will incorporates 9 years of competition experience on the Freeskiing World Tour, Subaru Freeride Series, and Freeride World Qualifier Series into coaching the next generations of competitive athletes and lifelong skiers and riders.  While competitive accolades are nice and provide good benchmarks to measure progression, Will recognizes that junior freeride offers many pathways to success in skiing and riding, whether professionally or otherwise, for the rest of our lives.  Will would look to the storied success of the AltaBird program to emulate back in CB and now looks forward to carrying on the spirit of freeride at AltaBird here in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

201.572.0605 wdujardin@sbsef.com