Tyler Knibbe

U10-U12 Coach

Raised in Utah, Tyler grew up in the outdoors, fostering his love for all things natural from a young age. As 1 of 4 kids, his parents regularly exposed him to various outdoor activities. At the age of 5, he was introduced to skiing near Salt Lake City. His mom would dress him up in ski gear and they would catch the bus up Little Cottonwood Canyon to go skiing at Snowbird. Years later during the Olympics of 2002 at a late-night party, Tyler was offered a position as a ski coach for kids at Snowbird. Making the circle complete, he still coaches kids in ski racing at Snowbird to this day.

August through early June Tyler teaches fifth grade in Salt Lake City at the Madeleine Choir School. Annually he travels internationally with his class to different countries abroad, so that the kids can perform in their choir. So far he has traveled to Italy, France, and the UK. Next year they will travel to Portugal.

Tyler attended the University of Utah and received a degree in commercial recreation management. During the summers he worked as a commercial raft guide in Moab. Later he went on to earn a Masters in Education. Tyler has now been teaching for 8 years and continues to river guide in the summer.

In his free time, Tyler has traveled to Southeast Asia, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, and Scotland. He has also explored the origins of Mole in Mexico, developing his own route called the Mole Trail. Tyler loves to hike and has been wandering in the Wasatch for quite some time and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

A few years ago Tyler met a lovely lady Erin who was finishing up her residency as a doctor. After frolicking about together and finding out how much they enjoy each other's company, they have decided to get married someday. Lately, Erin and Tyler decided to make the most of the Covid quarantine and had a baby boy, Callan Patrick in July.