Taylor Pratt

AltaBird Freeride Coach

Born and raised in Sandy, Utah I grew up with the mountains and like many with this upbringing, I quickly gained a deep love for skiing. I eventually joined the AltaBird Freeride team at 12, growing up with and traveling the west to compete with the team until I was 18 on the JFT, and IFSA Jr. Series until I moved on to filming, photoshoots, and the Freeride World Qualifiers to continue my ski career. 

The SBSEF coaches I work with now were some of the coaches I worked with then, a young kid who was afraid of tree skiing, those coaches made me the skier and the person I am today. 


Grateful for the opportunity to be that coach for these athletes and show them what the mountains, community, and sport can do for their lives. Giving back to the community that raised me means the world.