Siri Wieringa

AltaBird Freeride Director

Siri had a unique upbringing and lived in Little Cottonwood Canyon in the winter months of her childhood. Like many other coaches under SBSEF, Siri developed into the skier she is today by being an athlete on this team. She was an avid skier at Alta and Snowbird, and when she was 13, she decided to dive into the competitive side of skiing. With the help of SBSEF, she learned to be a successful ski racer and went on to race in college. 

Siri has always had a love of teaching, and this love was especially heightened after a horrible ski accident her freshman year while racing for Westminster college. She suffered a traumatic brain injury that led to her having to relearn how to walk and ski. It was through that learning, and after many months of work to get back to functioning, that she was guided towards coaching. She started coaching for the Alta Ski School and their race team, which acts as a feeder program for Snowbird. She absolutely fell in love with helping others to become better at skiing and to foster their love of the sport. 

During her time at SBSEF, she has coached U12’s and U14’s on the racing side. 5 years ago, a Freeride coach was needed, so she jumped aboard to try it out. She loved diving into the sport of Freeride, as it gave her a new challenge and opportunity to ski at both Alta and Snowbird. In June of 2017, she took over the role of Director of the Freeride Program from Rob Greener and has continued to maintain the AltaBird Freeride Team’s reputation of being one of the best Freeride Big Mountain Programs in the country. 

In between time coaching and skiing, Siri received a Bachelor's in Social Science and English and went on to receive a Masters in Teaching. She taught in the classroom for several years but has found teaching on snow to be the most aligned with her passions. She has also been a raft guide up in Montana, a naturalist in Glacier National Park, and has become a certified Energy Healer. Siri became drawn into that field through her recovery from the head injury. She is now able to help others to heal, as well as educate them on all the different ways we can bring our bodies back into balance. 

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