Rob Greener

AltaBird Freeride Coach

Rob grew up in Boise Idaho and raced for the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation.  During his last year racing  he knew all he wanted to do was ski powder and following his older brother’s foot-steps, moved to Salt Lake and raced for the Snowbird Sports Education Foundation.  During that time, he credits the “original freeride team” to following Vinnie around the Bird in the mornings, then training gates on the race hill in the afternoon.   A few years later while pursuing big mountain skiing, he noticed a need for a Freeride program at Snowbird.  During that first season 2004-2005 we had seven athletes on the team.  Now fast forward to 2022-2023 and we’ll have 75!  Over the last nineteen years, Rob has served as Director, Head Coach and now focuses on the Regional team and coaching on the weekends.  He also has a two daughters, with the oldest being a U-12 on J-Fast and youngest a U-8 on the Devo team.

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