Marquet Call

Devo Coach

Marquet grew up racing for SBSEF as a successful FIS athlete.  She then followed that up by coaching mainly the Devo team with a couple of years with what was then called the J-Fast team for a total of around 15 years of coaching.  What she loves about skiing and coaching the younger groups is the opportunity to instill the love of sports and the outdoors. She also loves being the guinea pig for the flat-landing jumps the kids want to go off but only if she goes first. The few winters that she didn't coach she lived in Mexico where her son, Sebastian, was born.  She also has a love for Latin American culture and has traveled to 13 countries.  Marquet received a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and followed that up with a TESOL certificate and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction and has spent the last 13 years working passionately in the Adult English Language field serving immigrants and refugees.