Jerimy Jones

Jfast Coach

"Coach Jonzy" Jerimy has been involved with SBSEF for almost 40 years. He started in the program at the age of 6. He raced under Steve Bounous and fell in love with the sport and the POWDER. In 1994, Jerimy received SBSEF Skier of the Year and was the first to receive the Junior Bounous Leadership Award. Jerimy went on to race for UVU after starting coaching at SBSEF in 1997. He was recognized as a nominee for Male Athlete of the Year in 2003 at UVU. He was able to qualify for regionals as an independent in USCSA that year. Jerimy was traveling with the FIS team for many years when Steve asked him to be the Program Director of the Sundance Ski Team under the SBSEF umbrella. Jerimy ran that program for 5 years and later returned to Snowbird to run the Jfast program for 7 years. In 2011, Jerimy pursued a finance career with Fidelity Investments and has been a part-time coach since. Jerimy has the vision to incorporate a family team dynamic with a strong passion for the sport. Jerimy has coached some amazing athletes over the years which include many IMD champions and future Bryce Astle Intermountain Cup Award winners. He is most proud of all the athletes that still love the sport and will do it for the rest of their lives.