Asa Miller

U16 Coach

Asa grew up skiing the PNW out of Mt. Hood, Oregon. Out there, he began ski racing at 8 years old and competing for the Philippines at age 16. He went on to compete in his first Olympic Games at PyeongChang 2018. After graduating high school, Asa took two gap years in Aspen, Colorado, to improve further ski racing skills and knowledge to take into his next Olympics.  

Asa began skiing with SBSEF in 2020, where he was a FIS athlete while attending Westminster College. With the support of SBSEF, Asa competed in his second Winter Olympics in February 2022.  

While Asa hasn’t had much experience coaching a group of athletes consistently, he knows what it takes to excel at the sport to the highest level. He can’t wait to share that knowledge with upcoming SBSEF athletes this winter.