Schools that support our team members:

Oakridge Elementary    Churchill Jr High    Skyline High School    Winter Sports School     Utah Online School 

Churchill Junior High and Snowbird Sports Education Foundation are excited to announce a partnership to promote the success of our athletes both in competitive winter sports and academics!
The elements of this program include:

  • Students will have home release or electives for 6th and 7th periods during the second and third quarters so they can attend training.
  • Students will have the option to have a directed studies class to help them stay on top of missing work due to competitions.
  • Counselors will work with individual students to try to maximize their schedules for obtaining both core credit and still being able to get elective choices.
  • Students will be recognized, as with Churchill’s other athletes, for their success in competitions.
  • Student-athletes will be excused from class days for competitions, with parent excusal.
  • Students will have a room where they can lock and store equipment.
  • SBSEF athletes will utilize pre-scheduled Canyons Transportation shuttles for transportation to trainings from Churchill and Skyline.


Student’s living in Churchill’s boundaries:

  • Complete student registration card
  • Complete SBSEF registration for team membership

Student’s living outside of Churchill’s boundaries:

  • Apply for Granite District Open Enrollment
    • Contact Churchill Jr High to obtain this paperwork
    • Included documents for open enrollment:
      • Birth Certificate
      • Immunization records
      • Most recent purport card
      • Complete student registration card

Updated September 2021