Dear Snowbird Sports Education Foundation Athletes and Parents,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Season! Our team registration is now open. Our website has been updated! Please take the time to read through these instructions carefully, and to read all the updated information online. Each team page has been updated.

We are excited to begin the season, expecting we will be returning to some normal protocols and procedures, still keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Tuition prices have been updated for the 2021-2022 ski season. We have updated our financial policy, so please take note of the changes and we are happy to answer any questions.

Each team/program does have a cap on the athlete numbers, so register early!

2021-2022 SBSEF Registration Process:

  1. US Ski & Snowboard Membership:
    1. Alpine Comp team members must have a USSS Competitors Membership to compete, renew by October
    2. ALL OTHER teams do NOT need a USSS membership this season (Devo, Freeride, Snowboard)
  2. Register for your SBSEF Program:
    1. Log in (or if you are new, create an account) at
      1. Review your household account information for accuracy – did you move, new email or phone number? Please be sure all information is reviewed and accurate. Review who receives text messages, as this is how coaches will communicate training changes via Team Snap.
    2. Click Programs:
      1. Use the Search Filter to select your Discipline
        1. Freeride
        2. Alpine
        3. Snowboard
      2. Use the Age Filter if this helps limit choices for you
    3. Pick your team (U14, Devo, National, etc) New options, review them on the team webpage.
    4. Read and electronically sign the SBSEF Policies & Procedures, Medical Release, and Binding Release Policies
    5. Pick your Training Days – this is required. It can be adjusted prior to the start of the season, but only with head coach approval (for scheduling purposes).
      1. Jfast, U14, U16 and FIS: if you choose a UOP day a $100 UOP lane fee will be added to your tuition. The pass will be $380, and this will also be added to your tuition.
    6. Programs that need try-outs or approval codes:
      1. Freeride Devo – Tryouts will be held the first weekend in December. Sign up for the program now.
      2. Freeride Regional – Tryouts will be held the first weekend in December. Sign up for the program now.
      3. Alpine Devos – New team members are asked to arrange a 1-hour try-out run with Jason in December. Email Jason to set this up:
      4. Freeride National – if your athlete qualifies for this program, the Freeride team will provide you with the access code to register (check your email). Email Will D with questions (
      5. Alpine Devo Transition Team – if your athlete qualifies for this program, the Alpine Devo team will provide you with the access code to register (check your email). Email Jason with questions (
      6. Work Deposits:
        1. A deposit is made for each athlete to help cover the costs involved in hosting our fundraising and competition events. This is added to your account when you register. Pre-payment is expected.
        2. When families fulfill their volunteer hours, the deposit is refunded back to the athlete account.
        3. Opportunities are available throughout the year, and will be increasing this season.
        4. You have the option to forfeit this refund and donate your volunteer deposit to the Athlete Scholarship fund during registration.
        5. For more information about the Work Deposit and Volunteer opportunities, see our website: (aka RWA, volunteer deposit)
  3. Payments
    1. Use eCheck to avoid administrative credit card fees (3%)
    2. Deposits due at time of registration ($500, non-refundable) to hold your athlete’s spot
    3. A receipt will be emailed to you, and payments can be made online monthly via your SBSEF account
    4. Full payment due by November 1, 2021

Some items that we are not including with registration at this time:

  • Athlete school shuttle (This will be a separate option available to sign up for in the fall)
  • Devo hot lunch (we will wait to hear from Snowbird and the Utah State Health Department – lunch is still an unknown for Devos this season)

Donations: At the end of your registration, you will be given the opportunity to donate to our Athlete-Scholarship Fund. During these tough times, we anticipate more athletes needing assistance than in years past. If you can, please help. A receipt for your donation will be emailed to you. If you know of sponsors who would like to donate to the team, please contact Bridger with their information (

Alpine Mt. Hood Ski Camp: Those attending camp at Mt. Hood in August MUST be current team members, so please register early for your team membership. Reminder: camp dates: August 1-7, 2021. Camp is FULL for athletes needing team transportation, but there are still spots for those traveling with parents. Contact Becky to register.

Athlete Season Passes for 2021-2022: A pass is NOT included in your team fees. This is a separate purchase you will make at the Snowbird Resort Ticket office after November 1, 2021, when all team fees are paid in full. The price for the Snowbird Team Member Seasons pass will be $329.00 this season (but is subject to change). The price for the Alta-Crossover will be announced soon to those eligible athletes.

Scholarships: Each season SBSEF awards financial grants based on financial need and merit. The SBSEF Financial Grant Application will be available August 1 online. The deadline to apply is September 19, 2021. You must be a registered team member to apply, and be on a multi-day team.

More information, including coach contacts, copies of our athlete handbook, and sponsor opportunities can be found on our website: Check it out today!

If you experience problems or have questions with any of the steps for team registration, please contact Becky Stone:, 801.205.3761, or you can chat on Google Hangouts/Meet (