October 13, 2021

Greetings SBSEF/AltaBird,

50 Years!

It feels great to be writing this note as we look upon snowy peaks and the first snow of the year in the valley.  Temps are dropping and our thoughts turn to the winter season.  

We have many upcoming events, including the gear swap this weekend, and excitement is in the air.  Snowbird is celebrating its 50th year of operation this year, and so are we!  Although the Snowbird Ski Team has gone through several transformations over the years, this season marks the 50th year since our direct ancestors (starting with Junior Bounous) got it started back in 1971.  We will be celebrating this milestone in various ways this season, stay tuned for more.

Last season SBSEF/Altabird/Snowboard athletes made an impact everywhere we went.  We saw a great deal of athletic and personal development as well as impressive competitive results.  There is no doubt the arrow is pointing up for our young athletes!

It has been a wild couple of years but one thing is clear; we are seeing unprecedented demand for our programs.  Obviously, this is good in many ways, but also comes with challenges.   We have actually had to turn athletes away this season as we have reached our current carrying capacity, and unbracketed growth is not an option for a variety of reasons.  Turning athletes away because we are full is a very difficult thing to do and we are actively exploring ways to supplement our existing programming.  Our traditional operations in LCC remain our primary focus for our teams.  

Every entity in LCC is under a great deal of strain with rising demand in almost every way.  It is very important that we work closely and cooperatively with our resort partners to make things work.  The reality of traffic on and off the mountain, parking, and infrastructure at Alta and Snowbird are major challenges and will continue to evolve.  

I would like to thank all our sponsors, supporters, and of course members, and encourage anyone who would like to get involved to reach out.  Thank you to all of you for being a part of this team as we move into our 50th season, I believe it can be our greatest yet! 

Dream Big.  Work Hard.

Bridger Call
Executive Director
Snowbird Sports Education Foundation

Our SWAP is this weekend - spread the word!
Use the Equipment Inventory Sheet to speed up the tagging procedure, a link is at www.sbsef.com/swap
U16, FIS, Freeride National athletes - we need your help with set up and tear down. Check with your head coaches for times and jobs!


Be sure you are updating athlete availability in TeamSnap for dryland sessions. A few families and coaches have had security issues with TeamSnap, be sure you have downloaded updates. When in doubt, reinstall the app.
We are winter athletes, a little rain/snow won't stop dryland -- but a lot might. Watch TeamSnap for updates. Please don't ask in the morning if dryland will be canceled - assume it is on unless the coaches notify the group, and dress accordingly.

Churchill/Skyline Shuttle Update:

We have turned on the registration for the shuttle sign-up. The affordability of the shuttle is dependent upon participation. The goal is 10 athletes, and the limit is 14 athletes per shuttle day. 

  • Pick up at Churchill: 1:00 M, W, Th, and 12:45 on Friday
  • Pick up at Skyline: 12:45 M, W, Th, and 1:00 on Friday

The cost, if we get 10 kids per day, is $200 for the season per day you sign up for. If we have less than 10 kids, we will have to bill families more to cover the cost. If we get MORE than 10, we can provide a bit of a refund.

Masks will be worn at all times in the shuttle. We will be using Canyon Transportation. The shuttle will be from school to Snowbird (Alta if necessary after stopping at SB) only. After training, athletes can use UTA to get down the canyon and be picked up at a bus stop of their choice, or parents can come up to pick up athletes. The price will double if we include a shuttle down, which makes this not affordable for most.

Priority will be given to athletes who attend Churchill and Skyline, however, if there are seats available, we will gladly fill them with additional athletes from other schools; you will be responsible for getting yourself/gear to Skyline or Churchill for the shuttle on time.

Tuition Payments:

Be sure to make monthly payments towards your tuition balance. All tuition balances are due in full on November 1, 2021. 
Jennifer, our accountant, emails statements monthly and after every payment. Log into "My Account" at www.sbsef.com, and click on "Payment" to make a payment anytime!

Team Jackets:

We do have some new team jackets on order from Karbon. You can pre-purchase these on the SBSEF website. Log into your SBSEF "my account", and then on the left-hand side click on “Merchandise.” You will see we have limited sizes of our old jackets for sale, as well as limited sizes of our new jackets, and some of the team puffy jackets. We will set up delivery when the items arrive, usually late November/early December, but some may be available sooner.
Team jackets are not required, but most of the Devos, Jfast, and U14 team members favor them. Questions? info@sbsef.com


Pass Lists:

If your athlete needs a season's pass, the athlete pass list will be given to Snowbird AFTER tuition payments are due/paid in full. To be on the team discounted pass list, be sure your tuition balance is paid in full. Thanks!

US Ski and Snowboard Memberships - Alpine Competitors

Now is the time to renew your US Ski and Snowboard Competitor’s license. This is for: Jfast, U14 IMD, U16 IMC, FIS, Devo Transition Team, and Masters athletes. Late fees apply after October 15.

IFSA Memberships - Freeride Athletes

Now is the time to renew your IFSA memberships. New to freeride? The site will be ready for new memberships on October 15, and rumor has it schedules may be available then, too!

Alpine Devo and Freeride athletes no longer need US Ski and Snowboard memberships to participate in team events, thanks to a change in insurance policies. Please ask if you have questions.

Snowboard Team Update:

I have been busy with goalsetting for each athlete. It's looking like we will have more athletes than originally expected, especially adaptive athletes. We have more athletes moving in from elsewhere to train for the season which speaks well of the program.
I am in the middle of planning a training trip to Europe. This will likely encompass courses in Austria, Switzerland, and Finland. In addition to the training, there are IPC (International Paralympic Committee) Europacup Races and some World Cup races we will be attending. These will all be qualifiers for the Paralympics and we have some athletes who are likely to do well. Other athletes hope to get a shot at making it to World Cup level so fingers crossed. Those races will be in the Netherlands, Finland, and Germany. We hope to arrive back home to find snow and be in great shape for our regular season training.
And finally, this just in but Jace Guadagnoli was just invited to Junior Worlds Freeride – it was a challenging year for freeride athletes so we are super stoked he got the invite.

Lane Clegg

SBSEF Snowboard Team Head Coach

Freeride Update:

Exciting News! AltaSnowbird Freeride Athletes Campbell Bates and Owen Carlson have qualified for the Freeride Junior World Championship in Austria, taking place this coming January. We are so proud of their accomplishments based on their results from last season. More updates soon!

Jfast Update:

J-Fast has been hard at work Tuesday's and Thursday's dryland. Tuesday-trail-day has been a great success. We have been alternating between hikes and mountain bike riding. Thursdays have been field days at Churchill Jr High where we work on strength and agility. As fall sports start to wane, please feel free to join us when you are available. We would love to see you! Be sure to be checking in on TeamSnap for information concerning ski team updates and changes to our schedule. 

If you have any questions about equipment, please reach out to me. I am happy to help give size recommendations or give clarification to any questions you may have. I will be at the ski swap (Churchill Junior) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and am happy to help!

Our parent orientation meeting will be on October 26 at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be virtual. Make sure to check for a Zoom link earlier that week. I will be covering all of the ins and outs of the Jfast program, including new rule changes and competition schedules. Please plan on attending. 

Looking forward to another great year with JFAST

Bo Maciejko and the JFAST staff

Ski Tuning  - Learn from a Master!

Todd Herilla, the owner of 7evenSkis, is hosting a number of small-group ski tuning sessions at his shop. Learn how to keep your skis fast and sharp! This is open to parents and athletes over age 14. See the online signup for details. CLICK HERE
7evenSkis is also a GREAT shop to take skis for tuning, repairs, etc. You may even see a few of our Freeride athletes in there, working and building skis with Todd!

New Office!

Our office is up and running! The Suburbans are safely parked INSIDE a garage, and we have lots of workspace for collaboration. 
General Fall Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Monday-Thursday, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, sometimes Fridays, text or call to confirm if you are stopping by! 801.893.8690
Address: 3127 E Bell Canyon Road, walk up the west driveway and the door is to the right of the garage.
Starting next week, SWAG orders will be at the office for pick up, so if you haven't picked up your t-shirts and hats yet, you can come by the new office instead of Spencer's.