Hello SBSEF,

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and getting in some great cross-training in the form of summer sports and activities!  We are still a ways away from seeing snow on the peaks, but the anticipation for the coming season is definitely building.  We have athletes working on conditioning, and also preparing for camps in Mt. Hood and Chile.   

Below is a link to the live stream of the Freeride Junior  World Championships last winter in Austria.  Look for SBSEF AltaBird Freeride athletes Campbell Bates and Owen Carlson.  Watching this event is as refreshing as a snow cone in July! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5M9HM4H9SE

The last couple of years have taught us that it can be difficult to predict the future and that we can’t take things for granted.  It has also shown us that we can overcome any challenges by working together and the power of teamwork.  For this season an emerging challenge is the availability of some things… With supply chain issues impacting many sectors (including ski manufacturers), we strongly recommend jumping on equipment orders as early as possible.  There is a high likelihood that many things won’t be available as the season approaches.  Contact your head coaches if you have questions about gear, getting orders in, and/or anything you need in anticipation of hitting the snow.

Enjoy the summer break and look for messages from your respective groups as school begins and programming returns for many of our athletes.

Work Hard. Dream Big.  


Bridger Call
SBSEF Executive Director

Freeride Update:

AltaBird Freeride has had a relatively busy "off-season" reorganizing our programming structure into U12, 12-14, and 15-18 freeride teams and changing to a Wednesday-Sunday training schedule from our old model.  We are getting ready for our biggest team ever around 100 athletes and are excited to get going this fall.  In the meantime, we're sending Will and 7 athletes to Chile for 2 weeks for the Freeride Chile camp based in Farellones at the beginning of August.  They'll get a competition that counts as a regional down there and take advantage of a great start to the season to get some freeride training in real winter conditions.  We're about 6 weeks from kicking off dryland and athletes should look for more specific communications from Will as soon as registration is officially wrapped up.

Will Dujardin
Altabird Freeride Director

Alpine Update:

The SBSEF alpine team will head to Mt Hood for some on snow technical training from August 1-9 Jfast, U14, U16, and U19 athletes will spend 4 days working on a GS-specific progression and then switch for a 4-day slalom focus. Athletes will get an opportunity to work on the technical elements of fast skiing in a gate-specific environment.  Alongside 4-5 hours of skiing on the Palmer glacier, athlete’s afternoons will be spent hiking, playing field games, and video analysis. Mt. Hood had high amounts of snow precipitation and cool temperatures this spring which has led to above-average conditions for the summer months. We are looking forward to a productive camp.

Bo Maciejko
Assistant Alpine & Development Director

Registration Update:

Thanks for taking the time to create your new SBSEF account during our membership drive and registration this summer. Be sure ALL family information isin our new registration platform. This is where we will be getting email addresses for all family members for newsletters (like this one), Team Snap, etc. We appreciate having both parent's contact information, specifically in the case of an emergency! Please review your household information prior to August 10 and update it if needed. That will be our last data-pull to update our master lists. 
Payment plans are going well! If you opted for the "pay by the start of the season" plan, the payments will be automatically drafted from your checking/savings/credit card. You can see when your next payment is coming up from your SBSEF account online, just click on "dashboard."

Team Snap:

Parents, you are in charge of the information in TeamSnap for your athlete. Please add any additional contact information that is not in the app.

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Be sure to check out our 50th Anniversary hoodies, t-shirts, and hats online! Order today, pick up from our office in about a week. Watch for the email announcing when your item is set to be picked up. We will have items for sale at our Fall BBQ, too!
Jacket pre-orders: we expect the Karbon jackets in November, more updates then! 


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