Aug 1, 2021

Registration: Our team registration opened July 1st and we have seen unprecedented sign-ups! THANK YOU to everyone who signed up early! Our Alpine Devo team is currently FULL and we have 20 on the waiting list (gulp!). We did not anticipate the popularity of our programs. We will definitely meet our cap this season, so please be sure to register early. 

Dryland: Our Freeride Regional and National teams, along with our Alpine Comp teams (Jfast, U14, U16 and FIS) will begin regular dryland training the week after Labor Day. Check TeamSnap for schedule updates to be posted by each head coach soon. Please RSVP by selecting your availability in TeamSnap. We are not requiring health checks, but we do require that you update your availability at least 24 hours ahead of time so we can be sure to be staffed accurately. It is best if you update your availability a week or two at a time, if you know your schedule outside of ski team -- this makes it easiest on everyone - we don’t have to remind you, AND we know if you are coming.

**Reminder: all athletes participating in dryland MUST be registered team members - no exceptions! 

TeamSnap: Yes! We are using TeamSnap again. New team members, you should receive an invitation to your team’s TeamSnap. Please accept it. We will use TeamSnap for communication and attendance this season. During our parent meetings this Fall we will discuss the best uses of TeamSnap to keep everyone informed, show you how to look at more than one schedule, sync the calendar to your Google or iCal, etc.

Season’s Passes: As stated in the registration information and on each team’s webpage, we will solidify the season’s pass list and submit it to Snowbird in November, when all tuition is paid in full. To be on the pass list, you must have your team tuition paid in full for the season. Team members may purchase a Snowbird Seasons Pass at a discounted team member rate in November. We will send out additional information as this gets closer. Alta upgrades will be available to those team members training/skiing at Alta only. 

UOP: Alpine teams using UOP have their schedules set, please refer to the Training Days on each team’s webpage. New this year, we are collecting the UOP pass with your tuition, we will prepurchase the passes and hand out the stickers during the first UOP training session for each team. This will make the entire process easier for everyone, specifically coaches and parents.

Payments: Everyone receives a statement in their email from Jennifer each month with their account balance (if you have a balance). Please make payments, monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, whatever works for you. Tuition is due to be paid in full November 1, 2021. If paying in full that last week of October will be difficult for you, please make monthly payments now. Thanks!

Financial Assistance: Please visit our website for more information regarding our scholarship application:

Work Deposit Questions: We have a full list of Fall events for volunteers, along with our Alpine races coming up. For our fall volunteer sign-ups - look for them soon. We will send out an email when they are ready. To earn your work deposit back, you must work one full day/$100. Details will be explained in the information about each event. Check out our updated website for information:

US Ski & Snowboard: Memberships are NOT required for Freeride and Alpine Devo athletes. 

Now is the time to renew for all others, including Jfast, U14, U16, FIS and all members of the SBSEF coaching staff (Alpine and Freeride).

Upcoming Events:

  • Dryland starts: September 7, 2021

  • Welcome Fall BBQ: September 9, 2021 @ Sugarhouse Park **& Internal Team Equipment Swap

  • Gear Night: September 10, 2021 @ Sports Den

  • SWAP #1 "GEAR SALE": October 2-3, 2021 @ Snowbird *vendor only*new equipment!

  • SWAP #2: October 15-17, 2021 @ Churchill Jr. High *vendor & public equipment

  • Needles Dryland Camp: October 22-24, 2021

  • SBSEF Gala: November 6, 2021

  • Alpine Aspen Camp: November 13-21, 2021

Alpine Aspen Camp RSVP’s needed!

If your athlete is interested in coming to Aspen Camp in November, please let us know ASAP so we can start planning coaches and condos. We will provide transportation and accommodations to athletes U14 and older who are vaccinated for Covid-19. All Jfast U12 and older athletes are eligible to participate and travel/stay with family. Please email today and let us know you want to attend Aspen Fall Camp. Thanks!

Aspen Camp Details:

  • Nov 13-21 for U16/U19, 8 days on snow, 1 day off, GS focus, 15-20 athletes

  • Nov 17-21 for U14/U12, 5 days on snow, GS focus, 10-15 athletes

Schedules: Check out our new Events Page for links to Alpine races in IMD, and we will post the IFSA Freeride schedule when it is available.

Check out your team pages for more information: Training Schedules, Races, Equipment Recommendations! 

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