Below are links to the video files.  The presentation is broken into 4 video files that can be watched in sequence to make up the entire presentation.  They are labeled so you can find your group easily as well.  The files are still pretty large due to a lot of videos and photos.

There is also a link to the slides in a .pdf that you can see.  But it lacks all the speaking and video and animation, which is the best part!

I hope you enjoy seeing everyone again, albeit online.  And we look forward to the time we can get together offline!





Section 1 - Intro + DEVO + JFast + U14

Section 2 - Snowboard + Freeride

Section 3 - Alpine U16 + U19

Section 4 - Academic + Alpine Awards +  Closing

PDF Version (slides but no sound/animation)

2019-20 SBSEF Scholars of the year

Morgan Mcleary

Roman Bradley

Connor Doyle

SBSEF 2019-20 Awards
SBSEF 2019-20 Academic Honor Roll
Alpine DEVO
Skiers of the Month
        Last Name First Name Grade  
December   Van Lemay Cami Greener   Archer William 8  
January   Dorothy Hastings Priscilla Hastings   Blanchat Peyton 12  
February   Blake Larsen Quinn Webster   Bland Charlie 6  
March   Gage Swanwick Graham Larsen   Bradley Roman 12  
March (3 selected)
  Sebe Baudendistel     Bradley Diego 9  
Devo Skier of the year
  Hannah McReynolds     Brown Oscar 9  
Most Improved Junior Skier
  Harrison Brozo     Butrum Annabelle 6  
Devo Rookie of the Year
  Jack Webster     Cantera Elizabeth 10  
Devo Sportsperson Award
  Jane Balog     Carlson Owen 9  
Devo "Send it" Award
  Grace Slagle     Chesley Elizabeth 6  
Alpine J-FAST U10/12
        Chipping Mia 10  
Skiers of the Month
        Comey Madox 6  
December   Liz Eden Dylan Hersh   Creech Ellie 9  
January   Gwen Sullivan Nick Ware   Dain Gus 8  
February   Owen Higgens Ben Firszt   Doyle Garrett 10  
March   Charlie Bland Georgia Mikell   Doyle Connor 12  
April   Alex Kennedy Riley Eaton   Doyle Connor 8  
Junior Skier of the year
  Rome Swanwick     Eden Samantha 6  
Most Improved Junior Skier
  Emma Li     Eng Alex 11  
J-Fast Rookie of the Year
  Patrick Meirowitz     Fairchild Andrew 8  
J-Fast Sportsperson Award
  Halle Hipple     Garringer Danny 11  
Hard Charger Award
  Sam Eden     Gowski Freddy 6  
Alpine U14         Grace Emily 8  
Skiers of the Month
        Gregory Sadie 10  
December   Alina Horsley Tomi Horsley   Haggard Sofie 9  
January   Bella Waters Michael Moore   Haggard Ethan 8  
February   Nina Martin Bea Martin   Hamblin Jacob 6  
March   Rayce Walker-Adams Freddy Gowski   Hamblin Emma 8  
U14 Skier of the year
  SJ Mikell     Harman Reese 10  
Most Improved U14 Skier
  Bode Hipple Connor Doyle   Hindley Georgia 11  
U14 Rookie of the Year
  Talise Larsh     Hipple Halle 6  
U14 Sportsperson Award
  Sofia Leveratto     Hipple Bode 6  
Hard Charger Award
  Adrian Walker     Horsley Alaina 8  
FREERIDE         Horsley Tomi 8  
Skiers of the Month
        Horsley Finn 11  
November   Johnson Sarajane 8  
National   Owen Carlson Stewart Harris   Karlen Bjorn 11  
Regional   Will Archer Theo May   Kath Nikolas 7  
December   Kokernak, Chase 7  
National   Campbell Bates Nick Librett   Kruckenberg Kelsie 11  
Regional   Dylan Egbert Garrett Doyle   Lamont Rowan 8  
Devo   Noah Nickish     Larsh Talise 7  
January   Leveratto Sofia 8  
National   Danny Garringer Avery Parrish   Libre Ulla 11  
Regional   Amelia Sogard Jack Reynolds   Libre Fletcher 10  
Devo   Jack Mather     Librett Nicholas 11  
February   Mackay Elizabeth 6  
National   Asher Vorwaller Dylan Bills   Marchant Jackson 6  
Regional   Sasha Bills Rowan Lamont   Martin Beatrice 7  
Devo   Brighton Schmacher     Martin Nina 7  
March   Martin Leo 8  
National   Georgia Hindley Andrew Fairchild   May Theo 11  
Regional   Ashton Stoddard Diego Bradley   McCleary Morgan 12  
Devo   Albion Mulcock     McCleary A.J. 7  
          Mylar Dalton 12  
Skier of the year
        Newton Ethan 8  
National   Louis Overington     Overington Louis 12  
Regional   Paige O'Donoghue     Parrish Avery 10  
Devo   Alec Dresslor     Penner Sophie 11  
          Reynolds Jack 7  
Most Improved Skier - 1 athlete
  Louis Overington     Rowe Andrew 8  
National   Paige O'Donoghue     schumacher William 8  
Regional   Alec Dresslor     Seliga Cooper 12  
Devo         Shope Julian 7  
          Stone Connor 8  
Sportsperson Award - 1 athlete
        Sullivan Gwendoline 6  
National   Connor Doyle     swanwick Rome 6  
Regional   Morgan McCleary     Swensen Laiken 7  
Devo   Jonas Lamont     Swensen Conner 7  
  Boardercross Big Mountain   Tobler-Wrathall Gilbert 9  
Male Rider of the Year
  Colin Hutchins Alex England   Umble Melissa 11  
Female Rider of the Year
  Felicia Turcotte Lila Yeoman   Walker-Adams Rayce 8  
Best Sportsperson
  Brittani Coury     Ware Adrian 8  
Alpine U16/U19
        Waters Bella 7  
Skiers of the Month
        Whitley Harleigh 9  
December   Fletcher Libre Bella Wright   Windmer Jonah 6  
January   Bjorn Karlen Declan Picot   Witt Stein 11  
February   Connor Stone Townsend Mikell   Yorkin Nora 10  
March   Melissa Umble Jeremy Mathers          
Bryce Astle Good Vibes Sportsperson
  Peyton Blanchat            
Iron Man/Woman
  Sophie Haggard Liza Cantera          
Most Improved Skier
  Conmnor Stone            
Rookie of the Year
  Audrey Moody            
Best Effort   Brandon Mayhew            
Junior Bounous Leadership
  Bella Wright            
Steve Bounous Spirit of Adventure
  Brittani Coury            
Skier of the Year
  Declan Picot