The Alpine Race Team had podium winners in Divisional, Regional, National Championships Events in nearly every age group including:

  • IMC Overall Winner: Jacob Keith
  • 3 medals at the YSL Championships: double U8 medalist Jenna Umble, U10 medalist Bella Waters)
  • 4 medals at the IMD Finals. (Bella Waters – U10 champion, and Becca Tardif – U14 champion Simon Romano, Max Brown both medaled as well)
  • 5 medals in the IMD U10 Championships (double medalists  Elizabeth Bocock and Nate O'Reilly and single medalist Oscar Brown)
  • 4 medals in the IMD U12 Championships (Mary Bocock was a triple medalist, of which two were gold, and another gold medal by Townsend Mikell)

Bella Wright was a triple medalist at the U18 National Championships, and was the Super G U18 National Champion.

At the United States National Championships Bella Wright was once again the top U18 in the nation in DH, and placed 7th overall against the entire field of the best women skiers in the nation.

At the 2015 World Alpine Ski Championships, Brennan Rubie and Jared Goldberg were the two youngest American Men to be named to the World Championship Team. At the Worlds, Brennan placed 26th in the GS, and Jared placed 20th in the DH. Jared also placed 3rd in the DH portion of the Super Combined event. (Show video of his amazing run). If you ever wonder why we are out there at 7 am in the dark training so much early morning training…this is why…to become one of the best skiers in the world! Jared is currently the 2nd ranked American in the world in the Combined Event. Ted Ligety is the only American ranked higher.